I graduated from the Harvard University Graduate School of Design, am a licenced Architect, and Assistant Professor of Architecture at the University of Hawaii. I primarily teach beginning design, fabrication and a range of technology courses. I travel frequently to Shanghai to teach Architecture at our partner school in Shanghai where I was the Director in Residence from 2012-2013.

Recipient of the 2016 national ACSA New Faculty Teaching Award ACSA NFT

Collaborate on design and installations through Workshop-HI

Teach architecture full time at the University of Hawaii UHM Faculty Profile

I'm an architect and aviator. No one says aviator anymore. I fly planes. Especially my 1949 Aeronca Sedan and 1969 Cessna 180 in Alaska. I have lived and worked across the lower 48, Hawaii and China, but Alaska is my home. In addition to teaching and flying, I enjoy designing, building banjos, and learning how things work. 

TurnAndBank was originally a blog intended to store miscellaneous flying photos, developed into an irregularly updated watchtower from which my grandfather could be tabs on me, and is now a collection of my teaching and research projects.


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